Our Services

Health checks – We will contact you for standard checks in relation to prevention of conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cervical cancer, breast cancer. If there is anything in your family history or personal health you would like to be pro-active about please discuss with your doctor.

Minor Surgery - Many of the doctors at the practice will do minor surgery- removal of moles, minor skin cancers etc. This service is not subsidized by the government and charges reflect both the cost of equipment and the doctors time.

Liquid Nitrogen - For treatment with liquid nitrogen for warts etc. Any skin lesions must be seen by your doctor before you can receive Liquid Nitrogen treatment from the nurses.

Nurse Clinics - Nurse-led consultations which support each person’s health and well-being. Some services are provided free of charge depending on whether you meet certain criteria. If not funded, consultations start from $15

Sexual Health - Sexual health consultations for anyone 20 years and under are free. This includes prescribing and advising on contraception and sexually transmitted infection checks and treatment.

Medical Assessments – Greendale Family Health Centre offers a range of assessments for our patients including insurance medicals and drivers licence assessments.

Travel Vaccinations – We are happy to review your travel plans and give up to date advice on vaccination and medication advice. The best was to go about this is to complete our travel form and hand it in as far in advance of your travel plans as possible. We will then contact you to arrange an appointment to discuss further and advise you of your options in relation to such areas as vaccination and malaria prevention.

Skin Checks - A full head to toe skin check is not manageable in a 15 minute appointment- if you wish to have this done please book a double appointment.

The following is a detailed list of our services and costs. Please note that some services are nurse or GP only and some require both nurse and GP. Please ask at reception.

  • Aclasta infusion $100

  • B12 injections $15

  • B4School Check (including 4-year-old immunisations) Fully Funded

  • Blood pressure testing $5

  • Blood tests including INR testing $5

  • Cardiovascular Risk Appointment (Cholesterol) $15

  • Cervical smears $30

  • Depo Provera injection $20

  • Drivers licence $60

  • ECG $30

  • Flu vaccine (non-eligible patients) $30

  • Immunisations – childhood Fully funded unless not on National Immunisation Schedule

  • Dermoscopy (Mole photos) $20